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I want to be as transparent as possible with these blogs, so I will take you through days in my life that I feel could provide value to you. Today was one of those days.

Today’s focus was on making choices that would align with how I view myself in the future, which means if future me has a strong faith/family/ and business life. What would I be doing and thinking from moment to moment?

The day started last night; I planned on waking up at 7:30 am, which is already an hour and a half past my usual wakeup. I woke up and prayed when my alarm went off but didn’t get out of bed until 8:00 am. I got distracted on YouTube watching business videos. (I deleted Instagram and TikTok off of my phone to avoid this exact issue) Looking back on that, I ended up tricking myself into procrastinating by telling myself that even though I’m not out of bed, these videos are to help me. When I knew I should’ve gotten out of bed right away and been outside. So after I got off YouTube, I showered and made myself a protein shake. During this time, I felt a bit overwhelmed because I didn’t have a plan for the day. I took a mental note of this thought and feeling while heading out for a run.

I left the house, drove to my favorite part of town, and after I parked at the path I run on, I planned the rest of my day in a planner, then set my tone for the day. I told myself to be in the moment and make choices as the 1% would. After my run, I went to a café, consciously ordered a healthy juice they had, sat down, and started writing an outline for the blog I’m writing now. Though throughout the time I was writing, I had to remind myself of my mission for the day. This kept me focused enough to stay writing for about 45 minutes. I was also able to write an outline for a podcast I will be recording. When I started to write, it took about 10 minutes to get invested in what I was doing; these 10 minutes were painful. On top of that, my fiancé called me halfway through and wanted me to hear what she had been practicing on the piano; by this time, I was deep in focus, so I had to take a second to think about how I wanted to handle the situation. My choices were, being short so the call would end quickly, then getting back to writing, or choosing to love her fully and enjoy what she wanted to show me, then getting back into my focus. I decided to enjoy the couple minutes she wanted me to listen and showed her appreciation and love, which left me feeling great about how I handled the situation and motivated to keep writing after.

After I was done writing, I went to the store and picked up a lunch box and food to meal prep, so I could steer myself away from eating out when I’m bored or out of the house and don’t have food. I bought the lunch box because I started thinking about ways to avoid eating out, then thought of the purchase as an investment that would cost me a lot less than eating out almost daily. (arguably an impulsive purchase)

When I left the store, I started thinking about what I needed to do but remembered that I had planned my day before my run. So I calmed myself down and went home. At home, walking into my room, I felt a wave of stress; everything I had to do for the next month demanded to be done at that moment. I walked around for a few minutes, thinking about the next thing I had to do. After that, I cleaned my room and tried to stay in the moment while doing so. I thought of how it would feel before going to bed, waking up, and working in a clean room.

After cleaning my room, I started to write; while writing, I focused on getting past the 10-minute mark, and after that, I felt that I had entered a deeper state of focus. I wrote for about an hour, getting much more done than I thought. This brings us to my present moment; I’m currently writing this, listening to music (I know I shouldn’t be, so I paused it in the middle of writing this sentence) and trying to stay focused on the topic at hand and not how quiet it is with no music. My plan for the rest of the day is to get some reading in and relax in a healthy way to end the night.

I’m sure a lot of you could relate to some if not all parts of this day, from fighting to stay focused or even giving up before you hit that more profound level of focus; I want to show everyone that it doesn’t just turn off, the key is to push through it to the other side, and on the other side lies the benefits of pushing through. Take time to think about your mindset consciously, and try not to launch yourself into your day without a plan or thought as to what you will get done. Think like the future you would think.

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