Get Past the Pain of Starting.

I want to be as transparent as possible with these blogs, so I will take you through days in my life that I feel could provide value to you. Today was one of those days. Today’s focus was on making choices that would align with how I view myself in the future, which means if […]

ADHD Motivation

Your frustration is on the Rise Are you feeling frustrated with a lack of motivation? What you most likely feel is normal and common for someone with ADHD; it’s most likely not the absence of motivation you’re feeling. It’s more the lack of action you’re feeling. On the national library of Medicine’s website, a study […]

Understand Your ADHD

Understand Your ADHD If you have ADHD, odds are that you often dart from task to task and live with a gnawing feeling that you’ve left something unfinished. You could have been aware of it as a child or possibly later in life. Have you ever wondered why? If you are learning about your ADHD, […]